Ryan’s family life speaks pre-eminently through this teaching, training, and presenting, where he encourages educational leaders and all others to prioritize what is MOST important in life, “first” (such as faith, family, friends, etc.), then only thereafter, to use RELATIONSHIPS to get things done, as with positive relationships and a “+/+ attitude,” the tasks that we all are pressured to accomplish, invariably take care of themselves, and we find typically that “All’s Good.”

Dr. Ryan Donlan’s most valued accomplishment is his “family.”  Marrying Wendy Karle in 2002 (“We said ‘I Do’ in 2002?” as they saying goes), the Donlan’s began their family with Sean (2004) and Katelyn (2005).  Sean and Katelyn have always known dad to love his work, yet even though work is sort of “an addiction,” Ryan’s wife and children are his first, biggest, and best LOVE.


Dad-Son Match at IASP Speech:

Sean and Katelyn are at the age now where they are making the turn from elementary cherubs to middle school teenagers.  As Ryan says with a wink and a smile, “Thankfully, they take after their mother.”  As wonderful kids who have spent much time with “daddy” (now “dad,” Ryan shares wispy-eyed) in the Bayh College of Education and even on the road at events and presentations, Sean and Katelyn give Ryan and Wendy every belief that the world is truly a good place, with a positive future if we spend quality time and nurture the talents and interests of those who will be our caretakers someday, and our world’s, as well.

Ryan Home with Scoop:

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