An Authority and Trainer in Promoting Positive Human Relations, Leadership Development, and School Improvement

Dr. Ryan Donlan’s passion is helping leaders, teams, and organizations in all sectors toward professional and personal success. He served as a leader for twenty years in K-12 education, most of that time as a Superintendent, Director, and Principal in both traditional and charter schools and school districts.  He now leverages his leadership expertise in helping others lead with excellence.

Dr. Donlan is currently an Indiana State University Educational Leadership faculty member in the Bayh College of Education and is an affiliate faculty member in the Scott College of Business.  He has taught for a number of years at the college and university level and provides confidential educational program reviews, as well as training and professional development for educators.  His scholarship includes leadership development, school reimagination, and organizational wellness; he has written over 30 articles and technical reports, as well as over 150 online “short-reads,” and has made over 100 presentations on his work and scholarship.

Dr. Donlan is also a certified Process Communication Model® PCM Trainer and a Process Education ModelTM (PEM) Trainer and Consultant.  He presents and trains internationally on Process Model applications and serves as the President of the International Process Models Research Committee.

Once a frequent skydiver, Dr. Donlan today enjoys other pursuits, such as public speaking, barbecuing, landscaping, and with his wife, Wendy, raising a family. He has written or co-written articles and books, including Gamesmanship for Teachers: Uncommon Sense is Half the Work, The Secret Solution: How One Principal Discovered the Path to Success, and Minds Unleashed: How Principals Can Lead the Right Brained Way, with its companion website and video series at

You can follow Dr. Donlan on Twitter at www.twitter/ryandonlan (@RyanDonlan) or on the Indiana State University’s ISU Ed. Leadershop, where he offers helpful information and thoughtful commentary to leaders at

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