Dr. Ryan Donlan taught as a high school English and Journalism teacher, then helping to design programs for at-risk students, later considering himself a teachers in roles of Assistant Principal, Alternative Education Director, Athletic Director, Principal, Director, and Superintendent.  He taught for a time in English and Journalism at the community college level, and then for a number of years in a business university as an adjunct in Communications, English, and Interdisciplinary Studies, including course in Diversity, Ethics, Etiquette, and Freshman Seminar/College Colloquium.  Upon graduation from his Doctor of Education program, he then began teaching M.Ed. courses in Educational leadership in the following areas:

  • Instructional Supervision for Educational Leaders
  • Principles of Educational Administration
  • Administration of Secondary School Curriculum
  • Program Review and Evaluation

Dr. Donlan has most recently, taught full-time as a faculty member in the M.Ed., Ed.S., and Ph.D. program at Indiana State University in the following courses:

Ph.D. Program

Human Relations in Educational Administration
Advanced Leadership Theory, Governance, and External Relations
Research in Educational Administration
Contemporary Problems in Educational Administration
Seminar in the Foundations of Modern Education
Doctoral Dissertation

Ed.S. Program

Social Foundations of Leadership
Internship of the Superintendency

M.Ed. Program

The School Principalship: Leadership for Changing Schools
School and Community: Collaborating for Effective Schools
The Principal Internship
School and Society