All Other Duties as Assigned

  •  ​Leveraging the Best You, One-day Seminar
  • Supporting Schools Inside and Out, Two-to-four-day Seminars
  • Ensuring Sustainable Success, Multi-day and Coaching 

The Heromaker:

  • ​How Superintendents Can Get Their Boards to Do the Right Thing

  • Uncommon Sense is Half the Work

  • Knight Moves in School Leadership

The Difference Maker:

  • School Boardsmanship and Governance

  • Leading and Leveraging from Left Field
  • Delightfully Different Differentiation for Diversity

Minds Unleashed:

  • How Principals Can Lead the Right-Brained Way

  • The Assistant Principal’s Classroom

  • Leading the Business of School Excellence

  • Air Traffic Control in Organizational Success

  • School Management with No Apologies

  • Leadership of the Third Kind

  • The Secret Solution to School Success

Self Before Others in Organizational Excellence:

  • There's an “I” in Team and a "Me" in We
  • Leading and Managing + / +
  • Leveraging Conflict to Consensus

Special Expertise in The Process Communication Model(PCM) for Professional and Personal Satisfaction and Results

Dr. Ryan Donlan offers the following consultancy services:

Note as well that Dr. Ryan Donlan offers the following training opportunities, as well as custom-designed training for schools, corporations, agencies, organizations, and groups:

Dr. Ryan Donlan is a Master Trainer in the Process Communication Model PCM®.

Process Communication is an innovative adaptive communication tool that enables us to understand, motivate, and communicate more effectively with others.  People have experienced greater success and power in their personal and professional lives after learning and applying the principles of Process Communication.

Process Communication Model (PCM)®

His sole proprietorship, Confidential Intervention, offers program evaluation, conflict resolution, and consensus-building services for organizations seeking to quietly diagnose performance challenges and exact solutions without visibility to stakeholders or competitors.  Whether on one-time contracts, ongoing retainer services, or even a handshake, Dr. Donlan works quietly with leadership groups to diagnose problems, strategize solutions, and work toward building the organization’s capacity to solve these problems, themselves.  This is not a rescue or a helicopter ride, as those services tend to foster dependence and short-term solutions.  Confidential Intervention is for those organizations that wish to hold up a mirror to themselves, have an honest look and candid discussion, and take the tougher road toward professional efficacy and sustainability of results.

Dr. Donlan also offers more visible consulting for organizations in all sectors through strategic planning, leadership coaching, peak-performance team-building, ongoing communications training, internal and external stakeholder relationship building, and organizational culture analysis.


In 1971, Dr. Taibi Kahler saw a PROCESS, a sequence by which people interacted with one another both in positive and negative ways.  The uniqueness of this discovery was that human behavior could be identified objectively second-by-second as being productive (COMMUNICATION) or non-productive (MISCOMMUNICATION).  Both patterns were sequential, measurable, and predictable.

For this discovery, Dr. Kahler was awarded the 1977 Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award and was honored by more than 10,000 of his clinical peers from 52 countries as having provided the MOST SIGNIFICANT SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY IN THE FIELD OF PSYCHOLOGY.

In 1978 NASA took advantage of this discovery by using PCM in the selection, placement, and training of astronauts.  Since then, tens of thousands of people worldwide from astronauts to entrepreneurs have put these distinctions to work for themselves and their organizations toward peak performance and satisfaction.

Dr. Kahler translated his concept into a non-clinical model of communication for business and individuals.  PROCESS COMMUNICATION was developed to offer business people a firm behavioral, management, and interactional foundation. 

Today, Process Communication is being used successfully as a leadership and management tool, as a vehicle to improve organizational performance, as a powerful marketing tool worldwide, and as an incredible tool that helps health care organizations improve patient safety and satisfaction, and helps students succeed in the classroom.